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CPPA is proud to work with local charities in an effort to give back and enhance others in our community.
CPPA Cares (CPPA's Philanthropy Committee) supports one local organization each year which is determined by the membership.

2021 CPPA Cares Philanthropy Selection

Fidos for Freedom is the organization chosen by your votes to support in 2021! 

Fidos for Freedom is a non-profit, 501©(3) organization based in Laurel, Maryland. They strive to increase the quality of life for people living in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan community through the use of hearing dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs. To learn more about this wonderful organization, please visit: www.fidosfor

Successful Event for Philanthropy -
Fidos for Freedom

On August 16th, 2021, members of CPPA volunteered at the Association’s 2021 philanthropy, Fidos for Freedom Golf Classic at the Blue Mash Golf Course in Laytonville, MD.

“I am so proud of our Philanthropy Committee, and CPPA members for their willingness to donate their time to support Fidos for Freedom at many events throughout the year. In a year where so many of our members have been hit hard due to the pandemic, it is refreshing to see the spirit of giving is alive and well amongst our CPPA members. I couldn’t be prouder!” stated Cheryl Hokanson, President of Brand Booster and CPPA VP and Committee Chair.

Board members, Cliff Quicksell, MAS+, President, Cheryl Hokanson, MAS, Vice President & Committee chair, Beche Sprig, her daughter Brytt, Michelle Reed, and Bruce Copeland, were on hand to staff the “Roll to the Hole” game on the #5 tee box. As each team approached the tee, they were enticed to better their chances on this par-5 hole by rolling the die for a better starting position. For $20, one of the members would roll the die once and depending on the number, would advance accordingly.

A roll of the number 1 got a start position of fifty yards from the green, a two from one hundred yards, three from 150 yards, four from two hundred yards, five from the lady’s tee and a six would be no advancement. With rolls other than a one, players were offered a “bribe” for any additional dollar amount for a second or third roll!

The persuasive talents of our CPPA team netted $640 from 20 teams!

Cliff Quicksell, MAS+, president of CPPA said, “I was so impressed with the Fidos for Freedom golf event, and it was a pleasure to participate. I would encourage ALL regional associations if you do not currently have a Philanthropic program, do so, it is such a rewarding endeavor, CPPA loves giving back and our committee does such an amazing job bringing these great causes to the forefront.”   

If you would like to participate on the 2021 CPPA Cares Philanthropy Committee, please reach out to Cheryl Hokanson, CPPA Vice President and Philanthropy Committee Chair at  If you have an organization in mind that you would like to see supported, please email us with the details so that they might be considered for next year. 

Previous organizations that CPPA Cares has supported:
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