May 2, 2017    Springfield, VA

Date, Location & Schedule

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
The Waterford  6715 Springfield, VA 22150

10am - 2 pm  Exhibits Open
(Distributors and End-buyers Welcome)

Distributor Registration

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Client / End-buyer Registration

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Please note: Only first names are printed on badges. We collect minimal information only. All pre-registered guests will receive a reminder email two days prior to the event.

Questions? Please email or call 410.562.0609

Exhibitor Registration

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Ariel Premium Supply, Inc.
Atlantic Coast Cotton
BIC Graphic
Brooks Medals
Edwards Garment
Headwear USA LLC
Montco Advertising Specialties, Inc.
Reflective Shopper
Towel Specialites/test
Vantage Apparel

Event Information

The NoVA Showcase is open to both distributors and their end-buyers. Buyers that attend this event will have a large "showroom" of ideas guaranteed to inspire new marketing strategies and ultimately boost sales for the distributors they work with.

CPPA is committed to creating a professional and exciting environment where distributors feel at ease about inviting clients to attend. 


Below are some FAQ's about the structure of the event and how we will maintain your client's anonymity during  the event. 

How does the client registration process work? We know how much you value the relationships with your clients and our goal is to make registration secure and efficient. We also want to make sure we obtain the information you need to follow up with your customers and hopefully make a sale. At no point do other distributors have access to the end user registration list

When a client registers online, we ask only basic information that allows us to badge your client currently and also provides enough information for you to follow-up with post-show leads. 

What will the client badge have on it? We list only client's first names and a badge number on each badge that allows suppliers to take notes on necessary leads. These badge numbers allow us to assign each attendee a distinctive number that is in turn linked to the distributor that person signs up under.

Do I need to pre-register? It is recommended to pre-register.
Distributors pre-register here
Clients pre-register here

Distributors pre-register here

Clients pre-register here

Pre-registration closes May 1st. All others can register onsite at the event

Do my customers need to bring bags? No, we will furnish bags. We will also give each end-user instructions on what information to get about products they are interested in.

How do I find out about items that my customers are interested in? The best way is to follow up with your customers right after the show and ask them. Suppliers will also lead sheets that will be collected and sent to distributors after the show.

Do I need to walk with my customers on the show floor? It’s great if you can, but we understand that you may have several customers at one time and you need to be available. Between the notebooks and lead sheets, we hope that we have a system in place for you to receive leads even if you can’t escort your customer.

What if one of my customers is also invited by another distributor? Chances are many people have more than one source for promotional products. You need to make sure that your customers know that you have invited them to this event. When they register, end-users will be asked who invited them to the show.

Will my customers see pricing information? No. We forbid suppliers to have anything in their booth that includes non-coded pricing and contact information. Volunteers from the CPPA Board of Directors walk the show floor before it opens to scrutinize what is in each supplier’s booth. If you see inappropriate information being distributed, please report it immediately to show management.

Is there a chance my customer will try to place an order directly with a supplier? In our show environment, suppliers are held to a Code of Conduct that prohibits them from exchanging contact information and/or accepting orders from end-users. Please inform show management of any inappropriate conduct on the show floor. The situation will be addressed immediately and turned over to the CPPA Board of Directors for review.

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