Member Requirements

Any person, firm or corporation engaged as a promotional products Distributor, Supplier, Marketing Firm or Supplier Representative shall be eligible for consideration for membership in CPPA.  Applicants must be approved by the CPPA Board of Directors.

To qualify for membership as a Distributor, Supplier or Supplier Representative, an applicant must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a member in good standing of PPAI, or
  • Be a current subscriber to ASI or SAGE/Quick Technologies, Inc., Distributor Central or any other relevant industry search site, or
  • Be sponsored by at least 5 members of CPPA or PPAI. Sponsorships must be in writing and accompany application for membership, or 
  • Provide a list of five (5) members of PPAI or ASI companies that confirm the applicant is doing business with or representing such member companies.

In the event these qualifications are unable to be met, an interview with the Board may be requested in order to qualify a company for membership.

For Business Services membership, an applicant must fulfill each of the following criteria:

  • Provide products and services (other than promotional products) that are used in or support the normal conduct of business, and 
  • Provide references from five (5) promotional products companies that are members in good standing of CPPA or a recognized regional or international association, who verify that the applying firm provides products or services to the companies in the promotional products industry.

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